LatinSquares FAQ
Improvements since last time: Each set has a serial number for easy identification. The font is improved (especially for PDF). The copyright notices are up to date, and the publication date added to the page. Internally, streamlined the generation scripts, numbering the puzzles rather than dating them. (Hopefully, this way you'll still have fun even if I don't update every day.)
Yet to do: Remove rectangles. Write a comprehensive example, as a better illustration of computing difficulty levels. Adjust the layout here and there (the serial numbers sometimes miss the right margin). Provide a hint feature. Add Sudoku links (you know who you are!). Make the page prettier: background, colors. Add some paper copies for people who want gifts for the holidays...
Do some analysis of the universe of valid 6x6 LSQ puzzles. What proportion of settings are level zero? (What's the "most difficult"?) What proportion of tilings have rectangles? Which are the most popular pieces? Which tilings (I think there are two) have no puzzle settings at all? Which answer has the most separate starting points? And ... what of 7x7?
Write some applications to play interactively. Palm's my preferred target-du-jour. A UI that minimizes stylus taps?
Improvements & To-Do List