LatinSquares FAQ
The diagrams for LatinSquares follow a very specific set of layout principles, which (for lack of a better word) we can call 'aesthetics':
    * Solutions exist and are unique. Sounds obvious! Not all forms of "puzzles" require it, but here it's a source of deep pleasure to know your solution is both right and necessary.
    * The puzzle pieces are all distinct. To me, the variety stemming from differently-shaped pieces is a major advance over the competition.
    * Each starting diagram has six letters, all different. Gives the puzzle a pleasing, predictable appearance.
    * No rectangles. (Actually, this one's a little controversial. You'll see I left in the rectangles in some of this first batch; I'll probably pull them out of the subsequent.)
How about more intricate construction principles -- each letter in a distinct piece? letters separated by blank squares? -- I'd be keen on your reactions. (Nothing like this discussion in Sudoku-land!)
Admittedly, Sudoku also has some aesthetics -- letterings are usually rotationally symmetric -- but the diagram can be spare or cluttered. And it's so boxy!