LatinSquares:  The Puzzles
None of these puzzles are "easy". My inspiration, a GAMES Magazine article from December 1999 (Mark Thompson, p. 61), rated them at their highest difficulty level. So when you see these labeled "difficulty zero" it sure doesn't mean they're easy! The difference between the "difficulty 0" puzzles and the higher difficulty levels is roughly the difference between pen and pencil. Personally, I prefer the "difficulty 0" puzzles. More on these ideas  below.
Current puzzles
The puzzles on this page come in five varieties:
    * "Level Zero" -- the basic brain-burner
    * "Mixed difficulty" -- how to get a little more lost
    * "Big" -- one per page, picked at random, published big for your bus ride
    * "Five by five" -- start here if you're flummoxed
    * "Four by four" -- suitable for (really small) children
Remember: "Difficulty Zero" doesn't mean easy!!
The Puzzles!